三德科技有限公司是一家全面的技術解決方案供應商,為許多行業,包括PCB、LED、FPD 和綠色的能源。
      - 自動化設備(FPCB,HDI,IC-Package/Camera Module/LCD/OLED/IC等)
      - 自動化零件(真空Pump,Pad等)
      - 供應各種PCB材料(FPCB, HDI, IC-Package) 並提供OEM轉換服務
      - 化學液體用特殊包材/設備(Liner/Tube/Canister)
      - Polyimide Film(韓國PI Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.)
      - 陶瓷珠 (Ceramic bead)
Rainbow MST Inc is a comprehensive technical solution provider for many industries includingPCB、 LED、 FPD and Green energy. Our mission is to serve every esteemed customers with the best and the most competitive solution. To do that, we also have overseas bases in China(Suzhou) and Korea.  We are co-working with major Korean, Taiwanese and Chines companies to develop new and differentiated values for every esteemed customers. 
Below are our major products currently.  
      - Automatic machine (FPCB,HDI,IC-Package/Camera Module/LCD/OLED/IC等)
      - Vacuum component (Spatec)
      - Materials for PCB(FPCB, HDI, IC-Package) / OEM fabrication
      - Packaging products for special chemical(Liner/Tube/Canister)           
Please let us know your any requirement any time.
We will do our best to strengthen your competitiveness in the soonest manner.